Win a Fishing Trip!

Help Support the Content creation of the South Florida Fishing Channel

Sponsors win prizes every month for their continued support

Every month all the channel sponsors and everyone who has supported SFFC by purchasing something from the online shop will be put into a name pool.

Once a month Heiko will live stream on youtube picking 3 names from the pool

  • 1st place - wins a fishing trip with Heiko and $250 gift card to RWBoutdoors
  • 2nd place - $100 gift card to RWBoutdoors
  • 3rd place - $50 gift card to RWBoutdoors

You do not have to be present on the livestream to win, if your name is picked from the pool you will get an email with your gift card and Heiko will email you to setup a fishing trip date.


There's 2 ways to get your name into the pool of names.

  1. Make a purchase on or and you are automatically entered into the giveaway pool of names for that month.
  2. Be a channel sponsor. You can become a channel sponsor below. For every $5 you spend this month your name will be added to the pool once. If you donate $20 this month your name will be added to the name pool 4 times increasing your chances of winning!


 Info about being a sponsor:

  1. You can stop your monthly subscription at any time and you will still be enrolled in the pool of names of the month you paid for.
  2. You can sponsor any amount you want. Every $5 gets you a ticket in the monthly sponsorship.
  3. To cancel your sponsorship there are instructions in the email sent to you upon purchase. Or you can cancel anytime directly through your paypal or bank.
  4. An email will be sent out every month with the winners name incase you miss the live stream. Don't worry we'll make sure you get on the boat!
  5. Have questions? Email: