$200 eBay outboard motor {2.8hp Air Cooled} Unboxing, Assembly & Testing

$200 eBay outboard motor {2.8hp Air Cooled} Unboxing, Assembly & Testing

I just built a new Jon Boat and while looking at engine options I came across these air cooled outboard motors on Ebay and Amazon that were super cheap and I thought I have to give one a try and ordered the one pictured below for $199.50

air cooled outboard boat motor off ebay

$199.50 and that includes shipping?!

I have no idea how they make a profit selling these engines, but the real question is how do they perform?

Once I received the engine in the mail (it came in 2 separate boxes), I laid all the parts out on my table as you can see in the image below:

eBay and Amazon air cooled boat engine

In this video I do the full unboxing, assembly and then we give this engine a test run by putting it on the back of my Jon Boat and going fishing!

Here's the full video and Timestamps to certain parts of the video will be listed below. Enjoy:



Timestamps of the video:

0:01 - The eBay listing of the Engine I bought

1:03 - Unboxing $200 outboard engine from eBay

6:25 - Assembling a air cooled outboard engine from eBay or Amazon

9:45 - Attaching throttle cable to 2.8hp air cooled outboard engine

11:12 - Adding gearcase lube to Air Cooled Outboard engine lower unit

11:27 - Removing prop from air cooled eBay outboard motor

14:57 - Changing spark plug on air cooled outboard motor

15:26 - How to lube cylinder and pistons with oil on new outboard engine

18:20 - Mixing fuel and oil for air cooled outboard motor

20:26 - How to start a air cooled outboard motor for the first time

24:38 - First water test with 2.8hp air cooled engine on Jon Boat

27:30 - Taking air cooled engine on Jon Boat fishing on solo trip

35:45 - Fixing a broken starter pull cord on air cooled outboard motor

38:58 - Final review of Air Cooled Outboard Motor off eBay after 3 weeks

39:19 - Best way to pull start a Air Cooled Outboard Boat Engine

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