$300 eBay (4 stroke outboard) Better than the $200 engine?

$300 eBay (4 stroke outboard) Better than the $200 engine?

Originally we did an unboxing, assembly and fishing test with a $200 outboard engine from eBay.

If you haven't watched that video yet, here it is

We hit 500,000 views on that video in just a few weeks!

You know what that means... I need to test more of these motors because that's what ya'll want to see! So this time I thought... Is the $300 4 stroke outboard engine from eBay worth the extra $100 compared to the $200 one I tried last time?

The $200 motor was super loud. Was hard to pull start. The pull chord broke on it, but that was an easy fix. It was a 2.8hp 2 stroke engine (air cooled)

This 4 stroke 4 hp (air cooled) engine I found on eBay was the cheapest 4 stroke engine I could find online. For $300 I had to try it...

Here is the full unboxing, assembly and testing video on the $300 engine:


I am impressed!

For $300 I would say it was MUCH better than the $200 engine. I would not spend $200 on the 2 stroke engine. But... $300 for this 4 stroke I give a thumbs up!

It's much more quite than the $200 engine. I can actually have a conversation without yelling while we are moving fishing spots on the Jon Boat. The pull chord is super smooth and it usually turns over after the first couple pulls.

The pull chord broke on the $200 engine and that engine was hard to get started.

Well worth the $300!

Here are some timestamps of the new video above:

4hp 4 stroke Air Cooled Outboard Boat Motor from eBay Timestamps:
0:01 - The previous $200 eBay outboard Engine I bought
0:37 - Unboxing $300 4 stroke outboard engine from eBay
3:10 - Assembling 4 stroke air cooled outboard engine from eBay
5:40 - Small issue with propeller on the 4 stroke outboard
7:20 - Mounting 4 stroke ebay motor to Jon boat
8:34 - Adding 4 stroke engine oil to eBay motor 10W-30
9:44 - Adding fuel to 4 stroke eBay outboard motor
10:44 - How to start air cooled 4 stroke eBay motor for first time
14:28 - Taking 4 stroke air cooled engine on Jon Boat fishing
18:05 - Catching fish while testing cheap eBay boat motor
25:18 - Final review of 4 stroke Air Cooled Outboard Motor off eBay after 3 weeks

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