Make your old Jon Boat look like NEW! {Start to Finish}

Make your old Jon Boat look like NEW! {Start to Finish}

This is a 14ft 1985 Tracker Grizzly I bought off Facebook Marketplace

jon boat restoration
jon boat project full video
jon boat new to old build


It also came with the original 1985 trailer that looks to be in perfect condition. 

While waiting for my offshore boat to get out of the shop for its transom repairs I decided it was time to start a Jon boat boat restoration project. I can use this boat for catching bait, fishing the flats, duck hunting, back country, gigging and all sorts of fun stuff!

And I filmed the whole thing...

This is what the boat looked like after a month of work and 8 hours of raw uncut footage:

tracker grizzly boat build
tracker grizzly boat restoration video
14ft 1985 tracker grizzly jon boat

I wouldn’t make you watch 8 hours of raw footage on how I made this boat go from old to freaking something so sleek you can take your girlfriend for a ride and she’ll never leave you. 

I edited this whole boat project into 1 hour and 38 minutes. I’ll add the video below with all the timestamps!

Your buddies will be comfortable when waiting for the sun to come up to get a crack at some ducks. The EVA foam floors also make moving on the aluminum silent so you can enjoy hunting and fishing with more peace. 


Jon Boat Restoration Video Timestamps:

05:07 - Before shots of the Jon Boat

06:27 - Breaking down the old Jon Boat

08:20 - Test to make sure Jon Boat doesn't leak water

10:41 - Cleaning off old Jon Boat (pressure washing)

11:54 - Removing live well from old Jon Boat

12:55 - Tell if your Jon Boat transom is rotten

14:11 - Striping paint off old Jon Boat (paint thinner)

17:00 - Sanding paint off old Jon Boat

17:40 - Removing rivets from Jon Boat

18:43 - Taking rotten transom off old Jon Boat

21:55 - Removing paint from bottom of Jon Boat

22:57 - Why I don't like using paint stripper on a Jon Boat

24:30 - New livewell plug on bottom of Jon Boat

27:13 - Painting bottom of Jon Boat with Fasco Epoxies SteelFlex Super Slick

39:12 - Sanding paint off Jon Boat with orbital sander

40:10 - Painting Jon Boat with Fasco Epoxies SteelFlex Neutral

47:16 - Flipping Jon Boat on a trailer

48:47 - Making wood floors for a Jon Boat

49:43 - How to make a template for your Jon Boat floors

52:00 - Sanding and painting wood floors in Jon Boat

54:55 - Cutting a new transom from Old Transom for Jon Boat

56:31 - Gluing two pieces of wood together for Boat Transom

58:28 - Making wood transom and wood floors waterproof (sealed with Low Viscosity Epoxy)

1:02:16 - Putting new transom into Jon Boat

1:03:24 - Putting new Rivets for transom on Jon Boat

1:06:30 - Mounting backing plate on Jon Boat transom

1:07:11 - Painting Jon Boat floor with truck bed liner

1:13:22 - Putting Live well into Jon Boat

1:14:50 - Lining boat Livewell with Flex Seal

1:16:28 - Finishing painting the Jon Boat

1:18:00 - Make your own SeaDeck with EVA Marine Foam

1:20:02 - How to glue EVA marine foam SeaDeck to your Jon Boat

1:23:59 - Adding EVA foam SeaDeck to my Jon Boat floors

1:28:07 - New Jon Boat Before & After video

1:29:22 - Printing and adding Vinyl stickers to Jon Boat

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