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2/0 Live Bait J Hook (12pk)

2/0 Live Bait J Hook (12pk)

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This 2/0 J hook is lightweight, sharp, glossy black in color and come in a 12 pack.

There is a Thin Version and Heavy Duty (HD) version of this hook.

Live bait such as small to medium pilchards, mullet, sardines and pinfish work great with this hook to catch tarpon, snook and mackerel. Try hooking a live bait through the nose or above the anal fin and letting your bait naturally swim

Dead bait also works great with this hook. Use frozen glass minnows, dead bait chunks, shrimp or squid and drift it back with the current around the patch reefs to catch yellowtail, grunts, porgies and other great eating fish.

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