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Ballyhoo Rigs (2pk)

Ballyhoo Rigs (2pk)

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Available in Mono and Wire this rig will let you securely tighten a ballyhoo to it for trolling.

Double Hook Version Currently Sold Out but will be back soon!

Anytime you are trolling offshore you should have at least 1-2 rigged ballyhoo in your spread. Troll them naked, with the squid skirt that comes in the package or with any of your favorite trolling skirts.

How to Rig: 

1. Break the ballyhoo spines by running your fingers along it's spine and squeezing till you feel light pops. Then push firmly under the ballyhoos throat and run your fingers down it's belly to push it's entrails (poop) out of them. This will let your bait swim more naturally when rigged and prevent potential spinning.

2. Line up where the hook will sit in the ballyhoo when you conceal the weight under it's gills and able to push the wire tag end through the bottom on their mouth and out the top of their beak. 

3. Stick the hook into the ballyoo (if trolling weedless, no barb exposed). Push the weight under the gills and push the wire through the ballyhoo's mouth so it prevents the mouth from opening.

4. Tightly twist on the cone onto the wire end and it will tighten snug over the ballyhoos head. You can now troll the ballyhoo as is, naked. Or add your favorite skirt.

 These ballyhoo are best trolled anywhere from 15 yards to 70 yards behind the boat going about 4-6 knots. If you want to troll a faster around 6-9 knots we recommend using a big trolling skirt to prevent potential spinning.

Heiko Tip: Trolling a naked ballyhoo on the wire rig over the Florida keys patch reefs in anywhere from 15-40ft of water can produce a fierce barracuda bite.

Trolling the Mahi Mirror Teaser paired up with rigged ballyhoo makes for luring big fish lower in the water column and creating violent and powerful mahi bites. 

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