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Deep Drop Chicken Rig (3pk)

Deep Drop Chicken Rig (3pk)

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Are you ready to catch BIG FISH?!

This rig comes with a bonus snap swivel. There are 5 circle hooks with the option of getting this rig in 8ft or 11ft length.

6/0 hooks - Great for grouper, tilefish and other big target species

4/0 hooks - great for snapper, rosies, grunts, and other smaller species (still works great for grouper)

Easily clip the chicken rig to the swivel on the top and loop on your weight on the bottom. On each hook put a whole squid, chunk of cut bait like barracuda or tuna or even a whole butterflied ballyhoo on every hook!

Drop it down 100-1000 feet deep and see what bites! We love catching grouper, tilefish, snapper, almaco jack and other crazy fish in the depths using this rig. Depending on the current you should be using a 2lb up to a 8lb weight with this rig.

Heikos Tip: When deep dropping I like to add a light to the snap swivel. The saying goes "No Light, No Bite". Check out our Deep Drop Multi-Color Light Pack

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