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Deep Drop Light Large

Deep Drop Light Large

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This beefy Deep Drop Light is perfect to use on your night-time swordfishing floats and the light you're dropping deep to illuminate your bait 1500+ ft deep.

2 AA batteries are required (not included)

You will see a + and - sign in the mold by the battery springs showing which way to put in the batteries. If you mix up the + and - side of the batteries it will not turn on.

Twist the top off to open and insert batteries. Once you insert the batteries twist the cap back on. Twist fully tight clock wise to turn the light on. To turn the light off turn counter-clockwise until the light turns off.

Heikos Tip: I had a pair of batteries last several trips already and the lights are still glowing as strong as when I turned them on the first time. You won't be dissapointed!

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