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Knocker Rig (3pk)

Knocker Rig (3pk)

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The knocker rig is among the favorite rigs of anglers fishing on reefs and off bridges.

This rig uses #40 fluorocarbon line and includes a Bonus Snap Swivel

Tie the swivel to your fishing line and put your favorite live or dead bait on the hook. Cast out the rig and let it sit on the bottom until a fish swallows your bait and swims away with it.

The tension from the weight should cause the circle hook to automatically hook into the side of the mouth of your next trophy fish without you needing to yank the rod to set the hook.

When fishing live bait it's preferred to hook the bait above the anal fin to allow the bait to swim up and away from the weight. Giving the bait a natural look.

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