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Lip Candy Jigs (3pk)

Lip Candy Jigs (3pk)

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A classic jig head style that has caught fish for decades and continues to do so! Currently only available in white and various weights this is the ideal jig for any fish.

The smaller size jigs under 1 oz are ideal for snapper, hogfish, grunts, sheepshead, snook and whatever you're targeting that requires a weighted jig. The large 1-2oz lip candy jigs are great for big mutton snapper, grouper, permit, African pompano and other monsters in deeper depths around reefs and wrecks between 60-200ft deep.

You can fish these hooks without any bait by letting them sink to the bottom and then violently and sporadically jigging it back to the surface. Or put on live bait or dead bait like a whole squid and jig it slower from the bottom to the top of the water column to cause a strike.

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