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Mahi Mirror Teaser

Mahi Mirror Teaser

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This is the perfect addition to your trolling spread to bring attention and raise fish from the depths! As beautiful sunlight rays hit the mirrors, flashing will occur and signal fish hundreds of feet away.

We recommend our Teaser Shock Chord to attach the teaser to the back of your boat for optimal trolling performance.


Heikos ULTIMATE Trolling Setup:

2 Weedless Squid Rigs. One 100 yards behind the boat. One 75 yards behind the boat. 2 Rigged Ballyhoo Rigs. One 50 yards behind the boat. One 25 yards behind the boat.

Then the Mahi Mirror Teaser. This is a super simple 4 rod setup, perfect for running when you don't have outriggers to handle a bigger spread. Tuna, Mahi, Wahoo, Kingfish and maybe the occasional Billfish will TEAR THIS SPREAD APART!

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