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Mahi Pitcher (3pk)

Mahi Pitcher (3pk)

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When you run into a school of Mahi offshore the Mahi Pitcher is a must have for fast action to fill your cooler!

Use cut bait or live bait. When mahi are feeding they will eat almost anything. Throw cut or live bait around the boat in addition to your baited hook to help put the mahi into a feeding frenzy.

This rig pack contains a bonus snap swivel you can attach to your main line. Then you can quickly clip on and off mahi rigs if needed. This helps if a big bull mahi swallows the hook and instead of trying to dig the hook out of an alive fish just snap that rig off and put on another one to target the rest of the mahi school.

The longer shank on this hook allows for easy de-hooking of mahi

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