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Pompano Rig (2pk)

Pompano Rig (2pk)

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This is the non-float version of the pompano rig and comes in 2 styles. One with 2 hooks and one with 3 hooks. Clip on a weight at the bottom of the rig and attach the swivel at the top of the rig to your fishing line.

On each hook put a piece of bait. Live or dead sand fleas, squid, clam strips and shrimp are great options for pompano and permit. If the waves at the beach are big or there is a lot of current I would suggest a 3-4oz pyramid sinker, but most of the time a 1-3oz pyramid sinker will be plenty.

It increases your chance of catching fish by casting one out as far as you can behind the waves and one near where the waves are breaking. See where you get most bites and check your lines every 15 minutes to make sure you still have bait.

Sit back and wait for your rod to bend over. This rig is great for catching pompano, permit, whiting, drum, sheepshead, jack and other fish cruising the shoreline. 

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