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Snapper Rig (3pk)

Snapper Rig (3pk)

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One of the best tasting fish out there is the snapper and this rig will catch them!

If you're fishing for mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, lane snapper, grunts, schoolmasters or any great eating fish then this rig will get the job done.

Tie the rig to your fishing line and add dead bait to the hook. Cut squid, clam, shrimp, ballyhoo, sardine, herring or any natural bait in the area you're fishing will work. Cast out the rig and let it sit on the bottom.

When a fish starts to bite your bait wait 10 seconds to let the fish swallow the bait, then slowly reel to set the hook. Remember, this is a circle hook so you don't need to yank the rod hard to set the hook. A circle hook will naturally pull into the side of the snappers mouth with some tension on the line.

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