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Weedless Squid Rig (2pk)

Weedless Squid Rig (2pk)

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Available in Mono and Wire this rig will catch mahi, tuna, mackerel when trolled right out of the package.

You can also rig a squid with this and slow troll to entice a SLAMMING BITE

When trolling it with just the feather (straight out of the package) make sure the colored skirt is fitted over the weight as much as possible. Troll one 100-150 yards behind the boat and a 2nd one 75 yards behind the boat at 6-10 knots. This will product tuna and mahi bite.

When trolling rigged with a dead squid troll one 50-75 yards behind the boat and one 25-50 yards behind the boat. Slow troll these between 3-6 knots around seaweed slicks, wrecks and areas that hold fish and watch them get BLASTED. You can put a heavier skirt back over the squid after rigging if you plan on trolling a little faster at 6-8 knots to help prevent the squid from washing out.

How to Rig with a Dead Squid (follow the images with the steps below)

1. Take the skirt off the rig.

2. Cut a tiny slit in the top of the squid and push the leader through.

3. Pull the weight into the top of the squid along with the hook to conceal the hook inside the squids mantle.

The weight should not pull through the tiny slit you made in the top of the squid. You are now ready for trolling! Feel free to put the colorful squid skirt back on the rig over the dead squid or use any of your favorite skirts. Or party it up and troll it naked!


Trolling the Mahi Mirror Teaser paired up with a rigged squid and a rigged ballyhoo makes for luring big fish lower in the water column and creating violent and powerful mahi bites. 

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